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Set Yourself Up For Success

At Tap, we value innovative approaches and customized systems—especially when it comes to payment. That’s why we’ve made our APIs readily available for all developers who want to adapt our Tap payment acceptance and collections model to their own unique business needs. We open the door to all developers and business owners to take our API and make it their own.



For developers


If you already love our Tap eCommerce gateway service but want a little more customization for your online store, we’ve got you covered. Our API documentation is easy to access and even easier to tweak. Our API is available in multiple language codes including PHP, JAVA, and .NET, so you never have to worry about integration glitches or coding barriers.




For platform owners


Tap’s API is already compatible with some of the world’s most popular eCommerce platforms and systems, including WordPress, Magento, OpenCart, PrestaShop, and Shopify. If you’ve got an online sales platform and would like to provide payment options for GCC and Middle East buyers, we’d love to add you to our list. Get in contact with us now to get your platform set up!