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The ease of online,
built for offline

At Tap, we understand that not all businesses are online businesses. Sometimes, you just need the ease of online processing, to streamline your offline business activities. Activities like payment, billing, and collection. That’s what goCollect— Tap’s fully functional payment collection service—was built and made for. It’s all the functionality of online payment, built for offline businesses.

We are Tap.
We’re in the business of money.
And you’re in the right place.

Here’s why we do what we do best.


send invoices

Send Invoices

Bill Easier, Collect Faster


Whether you’re selling online or offline, Tap makes it simple to send professional, custom invoices to every single customer. Whenever an order is made, Tap sends your customer an SMS message and an email with a one-click payment link—and if they’ve got the goTap app, they’ll get it there too! More options for them: faster payments for you.



Top-of-Mind Follow Up


Once your customer has received a bill, Tap sends out a short and friendly reminder notification in case payment hasn’t been made yet (or in case the customer wishes to cancel). Now you can spend less time worrying about customer follow-up and more time focusing on customer satisfaction.

tracking bills

Tracking Bills

Your All-in-One Database


You can now track and manage the status of every bill you’ve sent through Tap’s collection service, in our secure, easy access database. Get a clear and full picture of paid and unpaid bills, time of payment, method of payment, and full order details. Forget the accounting ledgers—you’ve got Tap.

Every way to pay

Every way to pay

The Benefit of Choices


Through Tap, your customers now have the option of paying with their favorite local card or even with an international credit card. All of our collection clients can now accept payments through K-Net, Visa, MasterCard & American Express for any of their products and services. More options, more happy customers, more profits.

flexible banking options

Flexible Banking Options

Well Connected & Well Served


Tap is connected with every single bank in Kuwait. That means you can easily link your Tap collection account to your favorite bank account and start receiving payments instantly. You also have total freedom to switch from one bank to another anytime you wish while using Tap. No hold up, no grunt work, and absolutely no obligations.

same day activation

Same Day Activation

Start Collecting Now


Set up, connect, and collect payment in less than 24 hours. Our online registration system smoothly guides you through all the required steps, and helps you get your payment collection service up and running in record time. A little more old-school? No problem. Our team of dedicated onboarding assistants is happy to get on the phone with you and get you activated as soon as possible.

statements and receipts

Statements & Receipts

Half The Paperwork, Double The Efficiency


Tap’s user dashboard gives you full access to your entire payment and collections history, and provides soft copies of all your receipts for easy printing. Now you can cut down on the paper trail and double up on the productivity. It’s a win-win: for the environment and for your sanity.


Analytics & History

Data That Matters To Business


At Tap, we know that keeping track of all your payment activity is hard work. That’s why we organize all your customer history and bill collection activity for you, so you don’t have to.
Need to filter out all the unpaid bills from the paid ones? Easy. Want to keep track of what payment method your customers are using most? Voila! Tap gives you an optimized roadmap to better payment for better business.

goCollect API


For The Advanced Pros


Your Tap collections account can be easily connected to your own checkout counter, Point-of-Sale location, and to your call center system too. So if you’re business is more physically based or follows an industrialized model, Tap’s got you covered. Your own developer can easily access the API to get your payment collection system setup in no time. Our API documentation is simple to integrate and is available in multiple language codes including PHP, JAVA, and .NET.



Protection You Can Trust


There’s nothing our team takes more seriously than keeping you and your business safe while using Tap. That’s why we’ve outfitted our entire system with banking-industry security levels and encryption protocols, as well as remaining compliant with global PCI DSS security standards. At Tap, we have an unwavering commitment to your peace of mind, and that starts with keeping your business completely safe online. That’s a promise.

all businesses welcome

All Businesses Welcome

The big, the small, and the in-between


At Tap, everyone’s welcome. Our system is built to fit the unique needs and demands of every business, regardless of size or operations. Among our list of favorite Tap users you’ll find mega-giants like OSN, Viva, and Bein Sports, right alongside some awesome home businesses and SMEs like Khaleejesque Magazine, The Walk In Closet, and Cake District. Ready to jump on-board?


Dedicated Support

Questions? Don’t Be Shy


Whether it’s set-up, integration, or follow-through—if you’ve ever got a problem, you can count on Tap for the solution. We do our best to make sure that you can keep working at your best. As your dedicated support team, we’re always here for you—just try us.

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Tap has made our lives easier! From the great around the clock customer service to creating products that fit our sometimes unconventional needs.


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We admire Tap’s dedication to start-ups & their great customer service.


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Tap provided one of the best customer service experience I have come across in Kuwait.


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