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What's Tap?

Tap is one of the leading companies in providing an innovatice approach & experience in electronic payments in Kuwait, serving people in the Middle East. The company allows you to safely accept payments on your mobile or website using global debit & credit cards such as KNET, Visa, MasterCard & American Express.

Which payment services do you provide?

Tap provides a unique billing system through the goCollect application and integrates the goSell payment gateway with multiple eCommerce platforms, providing APIs for the most advanced.

Can I accept international payments?

Indeed, international payments are accepted.

Do you support Multi-Currency?

Tap supports multiple currency.

How can I register with Tap?

You open an account by regsitering at www.tap.company/jo.

How can I deactivate my Tap account?

You can deactivate your account by sending an email to support@tap.com.kw or by contacting us at +965 98868811.

Is there a limit for the transaction amount?

There’s a limit of 10,000KD for a single transaction.

Which security certificate do you use?

Tap uses Thawte Certificate SSL.

How can I send an invoice?

You can download our goCollect application, login with your username and password and start billing your customers. Please note that you should be registered as a Tap business in order to get your credentials.

What's your rate card?

We setup the rates based on the buiness’ volume of transactions.

How long does the money take to be in my bank account?

If the payments has been processed with KNET, it usually takes 24h. It the payment has been processed with Visa or MasterCard, it usually takes 3 working days.

What's the refund policy?

You can refund a bill directly from the goCollect application.

Do I receive payments notification?

As soon as a payment has been processed, you will be notified by SMS and/or email.

How can I track my transactions?

As soon as the bill is sent, you get to track your payments on the goCollect application.

How can I get my plugin or API?

You can request your plugin or API by sending an email to gosell@tap.com.kw

Do you support applications?

Yes we do provide APIs for mobile applications.

Do you support call centers?

Yes we do integrate our API with call centers.

How does the checkout process work for customers?

Your customers don’t need to be registered with Tap. Once they reach the checkout page, they get to directly choose their preferred payment method.

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